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OSS Technology Co. Ltd
Hong Kong Headquarters
Unit 03-05,8/F, Park Tower,
No.15 Austin Road, Jordan,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel : +852 ¨C 2302 4638
Fax : +852 ¨C 2302 4938
Email : sales@oss-tech.com

Factories :

•  Guangdong
    Province, China

•  Shanghai, China

•  Penang, Malaysia

OSS Technology is China's foremost vertically integrated manufacturer
of cleanroom wipers and face masks, and it is a Singapore-Sino joint
venture investment.

Our vertical integration production approach gives us economies of scale which translates into greater cost savings for you.

We manufacture customized wipers and face masks as well as OEM brands.

Cleanroom Wipers,Cleanroom Facemasks,Cleanroom Products Manufacturer

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