About Us

OSS Technology is a Singaporean-owned company and Asia’s leading manufacturer of OEM and private-label for Cleanroom Wipers (Dry, Pre-Sat and Validated Sterile), Tacky Mats, Cleanroom Face Masks, Cleanroom Documentations, Cleanroom Goggles and Mopping Systems.


Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility of 15,000 square meters in Guangdong Province, China, maintains NEBB certified Cleanrooms of Class 10 to Class 1,000 with an Ultra-pure water system of more than 80 ton/hr and 10 ton/hr of RO and DI water respectively.  All manufacturing is done under one-roof to eliminate any possible cross-contaminations from process done by external vendors. This end-to-end integration enables us to monitor the whole production process and ensure TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL with CONSISTENT QUALITY and COST SAVINGS for our customers.

For Knitted Cleanroom Wipers, the production process would include the following:

  • Selection of the appropriate Yarn to Knitting

  • Scouring using DI and RO water rinse

  • Heat-Set (Tentering)

  • Cutting (Laser cut or Ultrasonic cut or Hot Knife)

  • Cleanroom Laundry

  • Quality Control

  • Stacking /Packaging


The critical process line of Heat-set or Tentering is done under controlled environment to enable us to produce the cleanest wiper possible at the lowest cost due to the reduction of the number of wash cycles required at the back-end of the Cleanroom laundry.

For Tacky mats, we extrude our own Polyetheylene (PE) film in-house using virgin PE resins and coat with grabbing particles adhesive in clean controlled environments so that the cleanest and strongest possible films are produced.


Final lamination and auto-tabbing are processed using proprietary USA technology and equipment.

Why Choose OSS?

  • Our Vertical Integrated Production Approach gives us the economy of scales which translate into greater cost savings for you


  • We offer flexibility in producing customized clean room wipers from different substrates with different sizes, cut edge type and wiper properties. These properties may include the Basis weight, Absorbency capacity, Particle and Fiber count, Ionic content, Non-Volatile residue levels and many more


  • For Tacky mats, we offer flexibility in custom-made sizes, film thickness, tackiness levels, colors and packaging. Special mats available in Anti-Static and Anti-Bacterial options


  • Our manufacturing facility in China has, in addition to the vertically integrated production of cleanroom wipes and tacky mats, an Ultra-pure RO and DI water system which can produce 85 tons RO water/hr and 12 tons DI water/hr. Moreover, there is a vast warehousing space in excess of 12,000 square meters which can be used to store products to cater customers' just in time delivery requirements


  • Further, we have an In-House Testing Laboratory which makes us capable to perform below tests ensuring our products are tested and are in compliance to product specifications when it is delivered to our customers:

    • Particle count via LPC for particle sizes greater than 0.5um

    • Particle count via Fiber test method for particle sizes greater than 100um

    • Particle count via APC with Helmke Drum for particle sizes greater than 0.5um

    • Anion and Cation Content by Ion Chromatography (IC)

    • Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) Content

    • Organic content check via Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)

    • Tackiness, Elongation and Tensile Strength for Tacky mats


  • Wealth of 25 years industry experience and knowledge in the Supply chain of cleanroom and associated products, giving OSS the ability to produce and source other type of products no matter how obscure. This extensive experience gives us the edge in understanding the needs of our world-wide customers