OSS Technology

Your preferred One-Stop Source

For your cleanroom consumable requirements, we manufacture Wipers, Facemasks, Documentation pheripherals, Goggles, Mop Heads, Frames and Handles and Tacky mats. We can customize based on your requirement.


We also offer Validated Sterile Wipers, Facemasks, Coveralls, Gas-filled Vials and Disinfectants for your requirements in Aseptic environment.


Dry Wipes

Pre-saturated Wipes

Validated Sterile Wipes

Flat Mask

Specialty Mask

Cleanroom Paper

Cleanroom Notebook

Cleanroom Pen

Mop Heads

Mop Frames

Mop Handles

Cleanroom, Autoclavable Goggles


Disposable Coveralls

Bouffant Caps

Beard Cover

Shoe Cover

Nitrile Gloves

PVC Gloves

Nylon Glove Liners

Nylon PU-coated Gloves

Cotton Swabs

Foam Swabs

Polyester Swabs

ESD Wrist Strap

ESD Heel Strap

ESD Mats

SMA Atrium

SMA OneTouch ICS

SMA MicroPortable Air Sampler

SMA Compressed Air Sampler

SMA One Touch Command

SMA MicroParticle ICS

Sterile, Gas-filled Vials

Sterile, Empty Vials