Pre-Saturated Polyester Wipes

Pre-Saturated Polyester Wipes


100%IPA Polyester Wipes


120gsm, PN: WIP-POLY-L-PS100I-120

140gsm, PN: WIP-POLY-L-PS100I-140



    POLY-L-PS100I-120 and 140 gsm incorporates laser cut edge continuous-filament double knit polyester wiper, 100% pre-wetted with a 0.05 μm filtered, Isopropyl Alcohol (semiconductor grade). It is packed in a resealable pouch and zip-lock AMBB bags for quick dispensing or easier wiper access, preserving wiper cleanliness and reduces solvent evaporation.



    Resealable packaging for easier wiper access and reduces solvent evaporation ensuring longer shelf-life


    Wipers pre-wetted with accurately measured volumes of pure semiconductor-grade IPA for consistent concentration


    Provides more consistent cleaning than dry wipers and squirt bottles due to the optimum saturation level and consistent concentration



    PN: WIP-POLY-L-PS100I-120

    9"x9", 100%Semiconductor grade IPA, 30pcs/bag, 10bags/case


    PN: WIP-POLY-L-PS100I-140

    9"x9", 100%Semiconductor grade IPA, 30pcs/bag, 10bags/case